Saturday, 17 November 2018

Hive Micro - A new era in micro work

Hello guys,

Hope you are doing all well. I just came across a new website which is basically related to micro jobs which includes boxing headings, footnotes, figures, objects, persons etc. It has a wide variety of tasks and it is also legit which can be used as earning money opportunity so guys do try it out it will be beneficial.

Thank you and happy earnings. :) is the link for accessing hivemicro jobs. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Making money by selling photos

Hello everyone,

Well let's talk about how money can be made by selling pictures online. Yes you heard it right :). I came across some websites through which you can sell your pictures on rates as per your demand.

These are the websites through which you can sell your photos. Now some useful tips before posting pics as per experts

1. If you have your own channel or facebook page you can easily promote them from there.
2. Use editing softwares to add more touch in your photos.
3. Learn from fail submissions as most websites gave reasons why you failed to succeed in submitting your photo so it is best way you learn from them.
4. Join forum of photography and contribute their your experience because it is valuable for others.
5. Use good keywords to make them in reach for others.

So that's all folks. Will be back with more tips and websites. Till then happy earning :)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

PTC Bank

PTC Bank is another pay to click website whose basic motto is "Earn Money in Seconds".

In PTC bank ads came up and usually they provide you with amount once you click an ad. You may also choose different packages depending upon your interest and level of money you want to make.

In PTC payment processors that are used are:

1. Paypal
2. Payza
3. Western Union
4. EFT Payment
5. Webmoney
6. Perfect money
7. Solid Trust Pay

They are also available in apps Android and Apple.

They are available in various operating systems.
2. Windows
3. Linux

So folks these were my reviews related to PTC Bank website. Hope you guys will do visit and enjoy it and one last thing I want to add "Happy Earnings " 😊

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Dollarcoinbux - A unique PTC site

Well hello friends the website which I am sharing with you guys now is dollarcoinbux. It was launched in december 09 2014 and the founder of this website is from US. I don't remembr the founder name I think it's (Micheal Melody) well the core part about this website that it offers you good upgrade package as well as payout is very low i.e 2$ . This site has read mails feature , bux bonus and head to tail game and last but not the least our very own, the 'Adgrid'. The packages regarding upgrade start from 4$ and you can get many features by selecting new packages. The Alexa rank of this website is  4232635 So guys join this site and have happy earnings. You can access the link directly by clicking here :

Thursday, 14 August 2014 - A site where you can earn money using your skills is the largest place where freelancers with suitable skills meet employers to fulfill their tasks. is a subsidiary of which is introduced in Pakistan. Here almost every category is available for almost every professional. There is also a section of "freemarket" where you can sell your stuffs and earn commission from them. The commission is based on the policies created by The google page rank of is 1/10. The Alexa Rank is 70361. So guys review this site and have a happy earning experience. Thank you.  

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 site especially for electronics hobbyists is a site where you can review electronics designs and new emerging science technologies. The site has many sections i.e articles where you can read innovations done by electronics enthusiasts and contribution section where you can contribute your self made projects to show reviewers and share your idea with the globe. The site has a contribute section where you can give your design and they will ask you for the whole design story i.e pictures of circuits , working diagram and also  introduction and explaination of your design not more than 780 words.They will also ask you for the working video making sure that your design is genuine and unique i.e. not copied from internet. Then after 3 days your design will get approved and you will be eligible to share your articles. They give you a amount of 50$ via paypal for international authors and check for indian users. The site's google rank is 4/10 and site's Alexa Rank is 16200. So do review this site and have a happy earning experience. Thank you. - A site where you can earn by selling your electronics design

Hello guys this site is very amazing especially for electronics engineers and hobbyists. The site is owned by jameco electronics. The site is basically used for ordering electronics components with a guarantee of long working life. The site has many features which are workshops , articles as well as reviewers can see various designs and introduced with new components. The main part is that hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts can send their designs along with the procedure and components used .Then the owner of design will be get paid based on revenues generated by the sale of his/her design .It is dmoz directory listed. The google page rank is 5/10.The Alexa rank is 53672. The site has 1402 back links. So guys view this site and have a happy earning experience .Thank you.